A Peek Into Stuurman's world

I think what the international community finds so appealing about Trevor is the artistic virtuoso he demonstrates at such a young age. Flipping through his impressive portfolio, his photography has captured Obama's cool essence. The black and white portrait series shot on a basketball court, with its mid-ISOs and blurred images, added to Obama's approachable and effortless appeal. Contrast this down to earth narrative with his high-end editorial shots in his collaboration with Vogue. In this editorial, he sought to capture the "afro-punk" eccentrism emerging among African youth.

Our personal favourite would be his SUN MET project. If Andy Warhol's pop art and Juco photography had a baby, it'd be Trevor Sturman's SUN MET collect. The pop inspired series puts a fresh retro perspective on the African Gele (Hair Tie); almost seems like we could wear our parents hair ties to prom. This collection shows just how versatile African Art and Culture can be, to educate, permeate and inspire