4 reasons why MonAfrique Lifestyle is the trustworthy place to buy the best custom wedding invitations:

1. We work with artisans.
Whether it’s tribal art, home accessories, or handcrafted baskets, we curate only the top-quality pieces from small artisans. Our custom wedding invitations are no different. We collaborate with small, local printers in Africa and the United States. These craftspeople understand the value in the beauty of their work. As a result, we can offer a variety of paper textures and designs that will stand out from the mass-produced options and match the beauty of your love.

2. We cater to all traditions.
Some cultures have very different wedding rituals and traditions, making it challenging to announce events within a carefully designed theme. MonAfrique Lifestyle’s concierge team, with strong African roots, can easily accommodate all ethnicities and heritages. For example, Nigerians usually have two nuptial ceremonies: a white wedding and a traditional event. We can make invitations for both — or whatever traditions you and your beloved wish to honor.

4. We offer gifts, too.
With our mission of supporting the artistic traditions of Africa, we offer many other products from artisanal small businesses throughout Africa for our customers. For example, our stationery is designed for multi-purpose use and can be customized.
Our products, including our reusable table-top calendar and planners, are also environmentally friendly. By purchasing these items as gifts for wedding guests or members of your wedding party, you can help reduce deforestation in a beautiful way. For large orders, wholesale prices are available.

3. We offer peace of mind.
There are so many things to attend to when planning a wedding! Thankfully, custom wedding invitations don’t have to cause stress. We can offer you (or your planner) peace of mind. By partnering with us, you'll know you will receive wedding stationery that is as special as you are.

MonAfrique Lifestyle Makes Wedding Planning Special

From our trusted shipping throughout the world to our quality guarantee, we want to help you in your role as bride and groom with one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding. Our custom wedding invitations are as stunning as the rest of our curated products from the Motherland. Browse our marketplace to learn more about how we can help support your heritage as your family grows.

Our wedding stationery sets come complete with everything you need, including:
RSVP cards
“Save The Date” cards
Thank you notes

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