About the MonAfrique Premium Marketplace

MonAfrique’s mission is to be the Most Trustworthy Online Marketplace for Premium African Products. Our mission is rooted in three core values: sustainable development, premium quality and authenticity. We shun fast consumerism and abide alongside discerning clients who place high value on the distinction, history and fine crafts of human hands. 

While luxury has been defined by gloss, our clients know the true luxury of life resides in contentment and freedom to exist. As such we place value in tradition, authenticity rooted in unshakable heritage and the raw ingenuity of the human mind. Every product on our site has a story, created from a place of deep inspiration and pride. 

Our desire is to provide an online channel that accentuates the beauty of the products we curate. We carefully screen artisan partners, selecting only those who work with high standards and integrity. The result is stellar: only the best products and partners sell on the site, ensuring our clients receive exactly what they see on our premium marketplace.

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