MonAfrique for artists
Welcome to our getting started guide for Artists. MonAfrique is a premium, curated marketplace that prides itself in showcasing afro-inspired art, to a global audience.
About us
MonAfrique is the leading online African store for custom premium orders over $1000 USD. Thoughtfully curated to display the best of African and Diaspora's lifestyle, our mission is to change paradigms of african art around the world.
Why trust us?
Our team comprises of financial, marketing and design professionals equipped with technical skills to lead you to sales success. Our clients are premium and the pieces we curate are for a discerning niche clientele.
How do you Benefit?
Our aim is to increase your online sales by providing global market access. We become your preferred digital online store, handling your customer service, brand positioning, logistics. The result is your peace of mind: You can finally focus on CREATING ART, while we handle your online sales and marketing. We offer a wide range of additional services:
Artisan Services
Why sell online?
Since the beginning of the pandemic , the online art market has multiplied exponentially to $12 billion USD. Selling online is a legitimate way to develop your artist credibility and reach new collectors.
In 2021 Online art sales doubled to $12.4 billion
What about my IP?
We respect it. You will sign a form that allows us to do the marketing of your art pieces, with due credit, but your work will always be YOURS.
What do we charge?
To start selling on MonAfrique's platform you have to pay a $100 Security Deposit Fee, this serves as a contingency fee: for example if you ship the wrong product, the customer still needs to get the right product, so the replacement shipping fee will come from there. This fee is fully refundable (if unused) if you decide to no longer sell with us in the future. Our commissions on works sold, start from 20%. We also offer a recurring concierge product upload fee if you'd like us to manage your uploads.
Who handles shipping?
If you are a Nigeria based artist, we do. For South Africa based artist we have special shipping rates, and if you are based in any other country, you will manage your shipping. Worldwide VAT is automatically calculated and handles by us.
Time to get started
Fill our "Sell with Us" form | Pay Our $100 Security Deposit Fee | Set up an onboarding call to determine your commission rate | Log in to your seller dashboard and begin to upload your products
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