Custom Orders

Some items that are not currently available for sale may be listed as pre-orders. You may register your email, or contact us to pre-order those items. 

Such items would be clearly listed on the product details page of the products, and you may make an Advance Payment for such items. MonAfrique in its capacity as a collecting agent will hold all advanced payments in your interest, until you have received your order. Your rights regarding Advance Purchase are the same as those for any other purchase at MonAfrique marketplace (please see the section describing MonAfrique as a Limited Collecting Agent and Returns Policy, in our full terms and conditions). For orders that are not custom orders, and are currently not available, you may simply choose to register your email address for an arrival notification of the selected merchandise. 

Items received into the stock of Artisan Partners may be pre-allocated to satisfy Advance Payment orders first. Thus customers making Advance Payments will receive items in priority over customers on the Waiting List or customers ordering through the Site for immediate delivery. Please be aware that select Advance Payment merchandise may become undeliverable due to production problems or quality check issues identified. In these circumstances MonAfrique will notify you by email and refund the Advance Payment to your credit/debit card or bank account within (30) thirty days of being advised that merchandise has become unavailable.  If you have registered your email address for notification of the arrival of a specific product featured on our Site, we will attempt to notify you by email within 48 hours of the product becoming available on the Site. Please be aware that on occasion certain products that are in particularly high demand will sell out during this period.

You may also place custom orders on our site, especially for artwork. MonAfrique will act within its right as a limited collecting agent, but will not be held liable for the outcome of the order. Please note custom orders are non-refundable.