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Several skilled artisans work together for up to three months to create our exclusive Yoruba African Beaded Crown. This heirloom-quality tribal art piece is lovingly crafted in the style of the spectacular ceremonial crowns worn by Yoruba Kings, or Obas, in Western Africa. Yoruba crowns are heavy, perhaps to underscore the strength and weight of the king's responsibilities. Beads are sacred to the Yoruba, and only a few kings and priests are deemed powerful enough to wear them. The beaded veil hanging down from the headdress covers the king's face, downplaying his individual identity while reinforcing his role as a divine leader. The Yoruba African Beaded Crown weighs around 5kg and can be customized in multiple colors.
As a collective of human spirits, we now face a global collision of competing ideas, interests, and philosophies. Together, we will change the world as we work to improve issues like racial and cultural equity, climate change, global poverty, and hunger. If there is one simple, complicated truth shared by all people, it is that we may never know all the answers, but where there is hope for a better tomorrow, there will always be life. Sculpted by seasoned woodworkers, twin brothers Kehinde and Taiwo, our exclusive ebony wood “And Still, Hope Remains” sculpture reflects this pivotal moment in history. A globe sits atop a carved wooden face, a sword piercing its mouth. Perhaps it is a statement on the sometimes difficult, but necessary need to be outspoken about issues that matter.
Elephants are at the centre of many important African art movements, and have been considered a potent symbol of power and royalty throughout the continent for centuries. These beloved gentle giants are often portrayed as both humble and powerful. Our wood carved Elephants is sure to delight elephant lovers and contemporary African art lovers alike.
Hand Carved Elephant Decor
Historically, these fans were used by chiefs and tribe leaders during klansmeetings and public events. More elaborate fans were made for the Kings and members of the royal family, decorated and adorned with various ornaments. These fans offer a more minimalist style to an its mystical historic predecessor. Handwoven in various colours, use them to keep cool on a warm summer outing or lounge by the beach. Here we've also used them to accentuate a wall, offering pinterest worthy interior design...
These art infused throw pillows are imprinted with original artwork created by esteemed Nigerian artist Millicent Osuomo. The artist transfers some of her most beloved paintings onto the pillows to create functional art pieces you'll be proud to display in your living room or bedroom... They also make great gifts for friends and family.
Art Pillows
Keeping your cool has never been easier. This foldable hand fan is the perfect accessory to cool you off on warm summer days. The best part is its easy collapsible function so you can stow it in your purse. It's fun eclectic prints mean you never have to look too far before you find it. The fans are also sturdily built and make easy gifts. Here we've also used them to accentuate a wall, offering a creative pinterest worthy interior design. We won't tell you got the idea from us
Legend has it that in the Yoruba tribe in South Eastern Nigeria, there once existed the Obatala, a compassionate and self aware god, who descended from the heavens to create land over the waters and form the first human figures in clay. The raw, natural hand-moulding of this couple has an echo of those origins, both in it's earthly material, terracotta, and in their benevolent, contented expressions...
Striking and remarkably distinct, these chess pieces are a tribal art masterpiece. Each piece is carefully casted and set using bronze to reveal the artists interpretations of the rich West African culture You may be tempted to leave them untouched rather than challenge an adversary to a friendly match. Once you feel the weight and quality of the pieces in your hand, however, we think you?ll be convinced to give it a try...
Cool and collected, this sculpture depicts a fisher man casually "smoking his pipe" after a long day at the sea. Invite his stress free energy into your home by placing this art piece in the foyer. You may also place this art piece as able top decor in your living space...
Our wall accent captures the enduring spirit of the Niger Delta, a region that has experienced a great deal of upheaval as industry has moved in over the past several decades. No longer is the Delta what it once was - a lush landscape alive with wildlife and clean, rushing waterways. The devastating impact of oil pollution has affected every aspect of life in this part of the world. As you study this piece, imagine the townspeople going about their busy days and pausing for a quick lunch at home, high atop the Delta, where the view stretches out miles across the waterways. Outside each Delta home, a skilled fisherman casts his line into the clear river water and pulls in a bountiful catch to sell at the market. Each Niger Delta Houses Wall Accent is bronze casted and hand-sculpted...