The looking good set leaves you looking and feeling good. There’s no better feeling than knowing your choices are improving the lives of others and leaving our planet healthier. Adorn your attire with any of the items in these sets or all at once with these enduring handcrafted pieces.
Each of our 3-tier, handcrafted bracelets is adorned with the ancient language of hieroglyphs and attached at the bottom to create a tiered effect. Our Bronze Bangle Bracelet is a vintage piece of wearable African artwork, sure to complement your everyday attire or that special occasion ensemble
When you think about the perfect combination for outdoor activities, you think of the Monafrique On the Go Set. The decorative multicolor African Hand made fan, the Raffia hat, and the beautifully well patterned mini Tote Basket are complimenting lightweight essentials The African foldable fan is unlike any regular hand fan, with their unique fabric patterns, they serve as a unique representation of tradition, and are a reliable source of breeze that fits right into your purse.
The Ada scarf is a pure silk scarf that was designed in Greece and inspired by the beauty of animal nature, defining elegance in combination with bold prints and camel silhouettes, transforming it into the ultimate fashion accessory. Printed on our iconic 100% silk material, this maxi silk scarf is light and easy to wear. The ideal summer companion for wrapping yourself up. These silk scarves are created by  designer Aliki, a  mom in Greece, who is proudly part of MonAfrique's Artisan Development Fund. The fund's proceeds from this purchase will go towards developing artisans on the African continent as part of MonAfrique's mission to foster sustainable development.



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