Add a touch of elegance and charm to your next party table display with our small wooden Aperitif Bowls. Each set of bowls is as attractive stored as they are when you fill them with your favorite cocktail snacks or finger foods. The bowls are the ideal size for serving delicious aperitifs and tapas at the holidays. For a cultured fest, try West African Chin Chins at the holidays, freshly fried plantain chips, groundnut sweets, or any other snack or appetizer.
Invite into your home the new luxe - luxury steeped in respecting humanity, heritage, and dignity. This multi-tribal set consists of handwoven raffia bowls made by the tropical and Sahel regions and the Dange-Shuns, Onyx napkin rings from the Congo and the Batik Napkins from the Yoruba tribe. The Raffia bowls add eclectic flair to your dining while the batik napkins are a durable alternative for a table settee. The luxury Dinner is Set isn't complete without the Onyx stone napkin rings, which have been thoughfuly designed to hold your Batik table napkins. This set sets the table for four.
What we love most about these beautiful handwoven bowls is how they can easily change the aesthetic of your dining style. They're perfect for when you just feel like switching things up from the standard ceramic or glassware. They add an inviting charm to your dining table and can be used for dried and wet foods alike, when lined with a napkin. They come in a set of 4 Raffia is a sun loving and very eco-friendly material that makes it easy to take care of...



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