Our Royal Onyx Set combines the best of our Onyx range for the ultimate Royalty trear. It consists of the onyx shakers, ornaments and royal onyx tea set.Each of these products are crafted by a sculptor for a period of 21 days from 100% onyx which is mined from Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria, and some parts of the Congo.
Onyx has held a special place as an unusual precious stone for centuries. A type of braided agate, onyx is seen in several natural hues, from deep black to “white” with light brown veining. Today, onyx is associated with royalty. You’ll certainly feel like a part of the royal family when you prepare tea in our exquisitely carved onyx tea set, which comes complete with a gleaming, show stopping teapot and 12 matching teacups. You may use this as a showcase piece for fine dining, or use it as a decor on special occasions
With its unique and vibrant colors, this decorative kitchen set is a beautiful kitchenware. This Art Set is created to infuse art into all facets of your daily living. This set combines modern expressivism, rustic appeal with the Mahogany handcarved elephants.
This functional art piece is part of our creative collection from Millicent Osumo. The artist transfers some of her most beloved paintings onto the cups to create functional art pieces you’ll be proud to display anywhere.



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