These art infused throw pillows are imprinted with original artwork created by esteemed Nigerian artist Millicent Osuomo. The artist transfers some of her most beloved paintings onto the pillows to create functional art pieces you’ll be proud to display in your living room or bedroom...
Tribal art, unlikely many modern art forms, is not taught in a classroom. Tribal art techniques are not described in a written manual. Rather, it is an integral cultural element passed through the generations. Our MonAfrique Warrior Side Stool features an intricately carved African Warrior, complete with decorative shield. Our partner artist spends up to three weeks crafting each side stool, taking care to attend to every detail in this striking, enigmatic piece. Elevate any space in your home with our Warrior Side Stool. Use the small tabletop to display other artwork, top with a small table covering, or include it as part of an elegant entertainment setting. This one-of-a-king cultural artwork is sure to spark conversation among guests at your next event.
The lightweight, fast-growing melina tree is grown throughout the African continent. It is a common product for crafting African djembe drums, unusual furniture pieces, and building material. Earth-conscious consumers value the sustainability of the Melina tree. Its short growth cycle ensures this plant is in no danger of the over foresting that has decimated other building and craft-making materials. Each of our handcrafted melina stools is a small, one-of-a-kind furniture piece that showcases the unique qualities of the selected wood pieces. Use your melina rustic hand carved table as part of an attractive art display in your living space. Or invite warmth into your bedroom by using it as a side reading table...



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