Wood Sculptures

Cool and collected, this sculpture depicts a fisher man casually "smoking his pipe" after a long day at the sea. Invite his stress free energy into your home by placing this art piece in the foyer. You may also place this art piece as able top decor in your living space...
Our Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Guitar Player is part of an exclusive wood collection for home or office decor. Collect this piece along with others from our collection to create a set to suit your style or select the guitar player as a single decorative piece of art. Each expressive figure has been delicately hand-carved by an Africa-based artist and stained in an iconic rich mahogany hue. Whether you’re adding our Guitar Player to a growing collection of our exclusive wood carvings or displaying this figure on its own, your decorative space will benefit from the addition of personality and expert artistry.
As a collective of human spirits, we now face a global collision of competing ideas, interests, and philosophies. Together, we will change the world as we work to improve issues like racial and cultural equity, climate change, global poverty, and hunger. If there is one simple, complicated truth shared by all people, it is that we may never know all the answers, but where there is hope for a better tomorrow, there will always be life. Sculpted by seasoned woodworers, twin brothers Kehinde and Taiwo, our exclusive ebony wood “And Still, Hope Remains” sculpture reflects this pivotal moment in history. A globe sits atop a carved wooden face, a sword piercing its mouth. Perhaps it is a statement on the sometimes difficult, but necessary need to be outspoken about issues that matter.



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