This exquisite set of handcrafted decor pieces includes several exclusive MonAfrique products. Each piece is a wonderful nod to an elegant bohemian lifestyle. In Africa, fabric serves many purposes, both practical and symbolic. Bright, multicolored fabric pieces are iconic of the whole continent, though each country and regions display unique cultural variations in their fabric arts. Patchwork quilting is not as common throughout the rest of Africa as it is in Nigeria, for example. Today, contemporary Nigerian artisans have introduced a kind of American-influenced style into the art- of-Africa marketplace. We are proud to bring this rich example of African fabric art to you.
Our colorful cheese and charcuterie board is the perfect backdrop for an elegant, cheerful presentation of your favorite small bites and cheeses. Tuck the board inside one of our deep chestnut vintage carrier baskets along with a picnic spread. Or, include it as part of a tasteful entertainment banquet. Small enough to take anywhere—elegant enough that you’ll want to show it off, each wood cheese and charcuterie board comes with a matching 4-piece coaster set.
What we love most about these beautiful handwoven bowls is how they can easily change the aesthetic of your dining style. They're perfect for when you just feel like switching things up from the standard ceramic or glassware. They add an inviting charm to your dining table and can be used for dried and wet foods alike, when lined with a napkin. Raffia is a sun loving and very eco-friendly material that makes it easy to take care of...
Hang our Tiered Food Basket near a window to ripen young produce in the sun or use this handcrafted piece as a unique display space for collectibles and art objects. The subtle, neutral coloring will seamlessly match almost any decor, taking on a supporting role in a colorful space or center stage in a more understated environment. Each Tiered Food Basket includes three handwoven, circular bowl-shaped baskets suspended by a natural raffia structure secured with a fashionable knot.
Fragrant African spices from every corner of the continent have contributed to Africa’s enviable culinary history, one unique to any other. Chefs throughout the world prize spice blends like Ethiopian Berbere and fragrant, fermented Nigerian Irú. The MonAfrique Spice Cup Set offers an elegant display for storing your favorite ground spices and the benefit of easy access while cooking. Each wooden spice cup and spoon is hand-carved by women artisans from Katsina State, Nigeria, and are stained in deep, Earthy tones sure to complement any kitchen decor and are stained in deep, earthy tones sure to complement any kitchen decor.
Onyx is one of the earth's secret unspoken gifts, reserved for true connoisseurs of stone. Falling within the same category of other known stones such as marble, it has been used over centuries to adorn cathedrals and palaces. Our onyx napkin ring effortlessly lets you add a touch of timeless prestige into your life. Use it to augment your everyday dining or use it during special celebrations...
Elephants are at the centre of many important African art movements, and have been considered a potent symbol of power and royalty throughout the continent for centuries. These beloved gentle giants are often portrayed as both humble and powerful. Our wood carved Elephants is sure to delight elephant lovers and contemporary African art lovers alike.
What makes Samson's work remarkable is from afar one would never presupose such complex works of art could be made from the eschewed material. In this series of upcycled portraits, Samson uses metal, upcycled caps, treated broken glass and wires to craft stunning portraits. Reflecting on his pieces, he aptly names his collection Values, creating beauty and acceptance from abandon.  Describing his work as experimental, Samson is making his mark as one of the African artists who actively promotes sustainability.
Ready to turn heads and get the attention your product deserves? Order a 10 second video for your social media page from one of our artist; you'll provide the video footage and we'll make magic happen. We also provide ideation and art direction as needed, please purchase the product art direction and conceptualisation service in addition to this service.



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