C’est Jolie Lace Basket

by Artisan Collective


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Hand crafted by a northern Nigeria mother and daughter duo, our French lace trimmed basket features a pretty bow and plenty of space for all your basketing needs. Fill it with fresh baked bread as part of a creative table setting at your next gathering, or stock your special linens inside. You may even find that this charming art piece makes a fabulous gift basket, if you’re willing to part with it! Spend some time viewing the rest of this exclusive product line featuring other handcrafted creations made by this artistic family, including our Large Artisan Tote with Handbraided Detail and our Handsewn Nested Bins.

Fabrics are subject to availability and may change.

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  • Praise for the Artisan

    The term artisan defines people who are skilled in applying an art. While we've grown accustom to paying more for artisan tea, coffee and bread, we are yet to support people in the community who lovingly apply their irreplaceable skill and creative know-how to make pieces we cherish.