Hand Carved Wooden Tribal Art Chess Set

41,859.00 37,400.00

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Hand carved by estimeed African artisan Jeremiah Ola, our Yoruba Wooden Chess figures are so dinstinct, you may be tempted to leave them untouched rather than challenge an adversary to a friendly match. Once you feel the weight and quality of the pieces in your hand, however, we think you will be convinced to give it a try. West African Yoruba art is among only a few artistic traditions that exists today much as it did during its inception in the 1300s. The Yoruba region is heralded as one of the most complex cultures in sub-Saharan Africa. Jeremiah carves each Wooden Chess set from wood harvested from thorns, enormous trees found deep in the forests of Nigeria. African artisans have been harvesting their wood for centuries to create unique, solid wood art pieces.

Each piece comes with an accompanying no-fuss wooden board. See also our bronze sculpted tribal art chess pieces by the same artist.