Happy Mother and Child
Elephant Statuettes ( Set of 3)

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Our mahogany, hand-carved elephant family will add a touch of whimsy and artistry to any space. These collection-worthy pieces remind us that even the smallest art pieces reflect the earnest intent of the artist. Here, we can feel assured the artist created this design with unity and family in mind. The artist has created a beautiful mother elephant figurine surrounded by three calves, each displaying a unique personality. This set would make an ideal addition to your child's bedroom; it is sure to spark your imagination and add color to your bedtime storytelling. Is the family stopping for a drink from the water hole on a hot summer day, Perhaps the calves are learning a new lesson from their matriarch...

Each hand-carved elephant is created from real mahogany and will display unique variations based on the wood’s qualities and the artisan’s personal touches.

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