Onyx salt n pepper and storage container

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The Onyx Salt n Pepper and Storage Container set includes stylish salt and paper shakers, a convenient, humidity-reducing storage vessel suitable for large grain salts, and a matching platter. This set combines sophistication with function and will make a striking addition to any kitchen space. Each set comes with one salt canister, one pepper canister.

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A Precious Stone

The preciousness of onyx has endured. In fact, Biblical accounts of this precious, eternal mineral include its presence in the Garden of Eden. Over time, artisans began crafting special individual art pieces from gleaming "white" onyx, which is often discovered braided with hints of gold and light brown patterning. Now you can bring a piece of this artful history into your own home. Today, only a small number of sculptors are skilled enough to create art pieces from onyx, as it is a strong, non-malleable material.

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