Restoration, African American Oil Painting

by JaeMe Bereal


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"Restoration" is an original oil painting with gravitas reminding us of a momentous occasion in American Black history. It is beautifully rendered with a soft, reflective quality and an earthy, natural palette. Created on masonite (wood), the painting came about from a series of illustrations on the Black diaspora at the culmination of the Civil War. JaeMe Bereal's depiction of the final days of slavery is poignant, one that takes into account not celebration, but a sense of resignation and the trepidation of what lies ahead.  

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Restoring Faith

"Restoration" takes stock at a deeply troubling and uneven chapter in African American history. Freedom finally arrived and with it citizenship, the right to vote (for men), to get married, to receive an education and more. Though we know now that true equality would remain out of reach, the way of life for many in the South came to an abrupt end. This is the pathos and the promise that languishes over "Restoration." This era of disillusionment certainly has some parallels in our world of today. It's why JaeMe considers her passion for art a biological imperative, be it her political cartoons, children's stories or portraits. It's her way of helping us connect history's dots, grounding us, whilst reminding us of the good yet to come.


  • Restoration

    Original oil painting on wood. Only one painting is available.
    Size in inches
    18 W x 21 H x 0.5 D in
    Size in centimeters
    45.72 W x 53.34 H x 1.27 D
    Frame: None

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