Rustic Melina Wood Hand Carved Side Table

by Artisan Collective


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The lightweight, fast-growing melina tree is grown throughout the African continent. It is a common product for crafting African djembe drums, unusual furniture pieces, and building material. Earth-conscious consumers value the sustainability of the Melina tree. Its short growth cycle ensures this plant is in no danger of the over foresting that has decimated other building and craft-making materials. Each of our handcrafted melina stools is a small, one-of-a-kind furniture piece that showcases the unique qualities of the selected wood pieces. Use your melina rustic hand carved table as part of an attractive art display in your living space. Or invite warmth into your bedroom by using it as a side reading table...

Or invite warmth into your bedroom by using it as a side reading table.

African marketplace Product
African marketplace Product

Good to Know

  • Dimensions

    Each table is custom made by hand by a skilled artisan. Being minimally processed, each cut of wood differs.The colour of wood may differ from the image and may be slightly darker or lighter. To keep a natural aesthetic, the wood is not painted but only lightly varnished. On average the table's height ranges from 60 - 70 cm with a diameter of 30 -50cm

  • Hand Carved Sustainably

    Melina wood is a sustainable wood: It's abundant in the West African tropical rain forest and has a short growth cycle. To protect the environment, this table is not available for bulk wholesale orders.

  • Shipping & Refunds

    Our hand carved melina wood is made on order and may take up to 14 days to create. For international shipping options email us on [email protected] before placing an order. This item is not eligible for free shipping to Australia