The Jayden Contemporary Art

by The Lagoon Gallery


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Segun Phillips innovatively created the term "woodism" in the late 2000s to describe his unique style of  creating a wooden textured effect. We've chosen to curate this piece because its authentic style showcases the creative talent that exists in the African continent. Segun began his art journey in 2010 and has since won national competitions and is an emerging artist gaining recognition globally.

His pieces are attainable for new and seasoned collectors alike

We Are Born Royal

The Jayden is a deeply striking piece for a number of reasons. The adornment of this young babe with a crown signifies the God given potential of every human being to live without limitation and dream without hindrance. While the gaze of the child is innocent, unsure of life's precarious obstacles, the crown remains firmly planted, unshaken by the unknown. To us this piece is poignant because it begs the question to its beholder: Will you own your God given place on earth?

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Purchase authentic fine art on monafrique lifestyle

Good to Know

  • Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    24 inches x 18 inches x 7.8 inches