The MonAfrique Art Book

by Artisan Collective


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Art has always been the form of expression through which Africans tell their stories. Ancestorial artists drew inspiration of sculpted art from objects that surrounded them daily. One of which is the infamous rooster/cockerel, which was recently returned to Nigeria from the UK, after an unauthorized collection in the 19th century by British explorers. Art remains an important medium to understand one’s history, relish the present and hope for the future. I created this art book to increase fine art accessibility, provide exposure to artists and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. The artists who submitted their works to be featured came from all over the world: Rwanda, Nigeria, USA, Jamaica.This  compilation is one of the rare instances that printed artwork is curated without artificial continental barriers.

Take a stand for social justice and equity and get a copy of the 2023 MonAfrique artbook today.

A Divine Creation

This book is a divine creation because I was not privy to the artistic mission/bios of any of the artists prior to curating; it was only once I was done curating that I read the artists’ bios and realized they too bellowed for social justice, equity and access to opportunity for all colored people (white too is a color). Quelle chance! As a result, this publication is not about Black British Art, African Art or African - American Art. Rather, it is simply a book that advocates for global social justice, through the lens of Art.

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Great to Know

  • Smal Business Printed

    Our Art book is printed to a high quality on the African continent by a small business. Your book will be coming straight from the motherland, packaged and curated especially for you. It takes 2 weeks to receive your art book once ordered

  • Specifications

    The MonAfrique Artbook is a lay flat A4 book. Each page is thick, akin to a wedding album. There are 54 pages total of beautiful art work by inspiring artists across multiple generations and styles.

  • Featured artists

    The artists featured include: Izere Antoine, Dieudonne Cedor, Tolu Aliki, Odinaka Okoroafor, Kevin Okeint, JaeMe Bereal, Ismael Kwisera, Ephraim Urevbu, Delano Dunn and Adeniyi Damilola