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What makes Samson's work remarkable is from afar one would never presupose such complex works of art could be made from the eschewed material. In this series of upcycled portraits, Samson uses metal, upcycled caps, treated broken glass and wires to craft stunning portraits. Reflecting on his pieces, he aptly names his collection Values, creating beauty and acceptance from abandon.  Describing his work as experimental, Samson is making his mark as one of the African artists who actively promotes sustainability.

Samson Akinnire is a graduate of the Lagos State Polytechnics and majored in sculpture in 2011.

Samson Akinnire

Samson has long been experimenting with wood and metal for half a decade. He has perfected the art of using materials such as aluminium cans and acrylic to make riveting pieces. . The portrait that emerges reflects on the cultures and the people in his home in Lagos Nigeria. This image is that of an African woman in her prime, with decorative flowers that symbolise beauty on her afro hair. We liken Samsons intricate work to the President Bill Clintons portrait by Chuck Close whose use of abstract kaleidoscopic modules, creates a wholesome mesmerising piece.

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Samson Akinnire's Painting of a young girl.
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