Woman with Red Hat Haitian Art by Pierre Louis Riché

by Gallery d'Haiti


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Riché’s work is very finely executed and richly colored. He currently lives in Christ-Roi in Port-au-Prince with his wife, a hairdresser, and their five children. Riché generally paints several canvases at a time, working on small areas before moving on another, allowing him to complete several works at a time. Riché’s paintings are widely exhibited in major Haitian galleries and were part of an exhibition in France in 1996. Many galleries in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Japan have a permanent exhibit of his works. He is appreciated by art collectors around the world who instantly fall in love with his funny, but seriously big people.’

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A Celebration of Curves

Pierre Louis Riché was born into a family of farmers in Cap Haitien on October 19, 1954. He began to paint when he was twenty years old in the atelier of the grandmaster of the North, Philome Obin. Riché painted historic subjects for almost twenty years before turning to his presently preferred subject matter "Les Grosses Patates", referring to the big potatoes, or big people. He says that it cheers him to see people who are large, though he himself prefers to stay " thin and sexy". He claims also to have never in his life seen a painting by Botero, whom he is sometimes accused of imitating.

MonAfrique Haitian art Pierre Louis
MonAfrique Haitian art Pierre Louis
MonAfrique Haitian art Pierre Louis

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    24 in (width) x 20 in (height); Acrylic on Canvas, 2020

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