Wooden Coaster Set with
Pineapple Canister


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Nigeria is Africa's number one pineapple producer. Farmers in the region produce around 30 million African Sugarloaf pineapples every year for international and domestic export. The bright acidity of pineapple is the highlight of several authentic African dishes, including African Pineapple Peanut Stew. For centuries, people all over the globe have come to regard pineapples as symbolizing "welcome" and "housewarming". These cheerful wooden pineapple coasters combine artistry with practicality. All ten lightweight, brightly colored coasters store inside an attractive, intricately carved pineapple canister. Each set of real wood pineapple coasters is hand-carved by women artisans in Katsina State, Nigeria.

Complete the organic earthy look in your home by pairing this with our wooden spice jar set. To place an order please contact us using our contact form. All coasters and canisters are carved carefully by hand, thus the canister and coaster may take up to three weeks to make.