Yoruba African Beaded Crown Replica

by Artisan Collective


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Several skilled artisans work together for up to three months to create our exclusive Yoruba African Beaded Crown. This heirloom-quality tribal art piece is lovingly crafted in the style of the spectacular ceremonial crowns worn by Yoruba Kings, or Obas, in Western Africa. Yoruba crowns are heavy, perhaps to underscore the strength and weight of the king’s responsibilities. Beads are sacred to the Yoruba, and only a few kings and priests are deemed powerful enough to wear them. The beaded veil hanging down from the headdress covers the king’s face, downplaying his individual identity while reinforcing his role as divine leader.

The Yoruba African Beaded Crown weighs around 5kg and can be customized in multiple colors. Please note this item is non refundable

An Ode to Ancestral Monarchy

Each handcrafted crown includes a flock of beautiful, hand-sewn birds. There are several interpretations of the significance of birds and Yoruba crowns. Birds are known to represent the spirit world, which the king can pass to and from. They are also representative of female power, which, the Yoruba often acknowledge, is integral for running a prosperous, healthy village.

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Know Before You Buy

  • Shipping

    This crown, though a relic, is still considered an antique artifact, double check your custom laws and applicable duty charges before placing an order

  • Customization

    As a relic, each crown is customizable with different colour beads. Please contact us to place a custom order. Each crown takes up to 3 months to manufacture from date of order, as they are skill-fully hand made.