Fine Jewels Made from the heart of Africa

Vania took her new passion seriously, dedicating 10 years to carefully research and master the gemstone and jewelry industry. Leles enrolled herself at the Gemological Institute of America where she studied Gem, Design and Business Techniques. Afterwards, she dedicated two years to working as a Gemologist at Graff Diamond. She also worked at household names such as De Beers where she solidified her gemstone experience.

After a few years at Sotheby’s, she decided she had learned enough to pursue building a business that could change the industry and hasn’t looked back since.

Today Vanleles Diamonds have their own collections, all inspired by African countries where the diamonds are ethically sourced from various African nations including Mozambique. For example, one collection is her Zambian Edition, which features emeralds all sourced from Zambia.
Through a dedicated commitment to the ethical sourcing of gemstones and precious metals and an unparalleled belief in responsible mining, VANLELES is leading the way for a new era of mindful and engaged luxury. “I want to bring the source countries of these gemstones to the forefront of consumers' minds as they are the ones who have the power to change the industry through their demand.” says Vania.