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By signing this release, I authorize MonAfrique Lifestyle Limited of Nigeria. , and its subsidiaries, licensees, successors and assigns (collectively, the “MonAfrique”) the irrevocable, unrestricted right and permission to use the following: my logo, trademark, and copyright (the “Content”) in whole or in part, as part of a composite or distorted in character or form, made through any medium (provided it is of standard), and in any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, publishing, or any other purpose solely in relation to my goods . * (Provided always that,MonAfrique shall obtain my prior written authorization and always protect and defend my Intellectual property rights)

I specifically consent to the reproduction and exhibition, for all purposes, of the Content in film or electronic (video) form, sound and video recordings, and printed and electronic copy in any and all media including, without limitation, cable and broadcast television and the Internet (via all online channels), and for exhibition, distribution, promotion, advertising, sale, press conferences, meetings, hearings, educational conferences and in brochures and other print media * It is hereby agreed that I may request to inspect or approve the finished product or products, and the advertising copy that is limited and relevant to my goods only, or other matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied, and where amendment is required, I will prioritize providing prompt feedback, to not delay production, or cost MonAfrique to incur undue losses or expenses as a result of my delay.

This permission extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or hereafter devised.

I agree that this release is irrevocable, worldwide, and shall continue forever unless I revoke the permission in writing.

I grant MonAfrique all right, title, and interest that I may have in the Content, including the right to give, sell, or transfer the Content for marketing purpose only, as it deems fit.

I hereby waive the right to receive any payment for signing this release and waive the right to receive any payment for MonAfrique’s use of any of the Content for any of the purposes authorized by this release.

I hereby warrant that I am of full legal age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the foregoing, prior to its execution, and I am fully familiar with the contents thereof.