Wall Sculpture

Elephants are at the center of many important African art movements, and have been considered a potent symbol of power and royalty throughout the continent for centuries. These beloved gentle giants are often portrayed as both humble and powerful. Our bronze-casted and sculpted Elephant Wall Accent is sure to delight elephant lovers and contemporary African art lovers alike. Each elephant in this intricately designed art piece has its own personality on display as it ambles along in line with its family, enjoying the shade beneath a leafy African baobab tree. Affix this piece to an entryway wall for added interest or feature it as the centerpiece on a wall adorned with various African artwork examples. This unique art piece will cast an interesting shadow on the wall behind it, creating depth and intrigue from every angle...
Our wall accent captures the enduring spirit of the Niger Delta, a region that has experienced a great deal of upheaval as industry has moved in over the past several decades. No longer is the Delta what it once was - a lush landscape alive with wildlife and clean, rushing waterways. The devastating impact of oil pollution has affected every aspect of life in this part of the world. As you study this piece, imagine the townspeople going about their busy days and pausing for a quick lunch at home, high atop the Delta, where the view stretches out miles across the waterways. Outside each Delta home, a skilled fisherman casts his line into the clear river water and pulls in a bountiful catch to sell at the market. Each Niger Delta Houses Wall Accent is bronze casted and hand-sculpted...



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