Morning Glory Sidney Poitier

by ShaquilleColeby


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Shacqueel Coleby is a graphic and visual arts designer based in the Bahamas. He specializes in creating digital collages and occasionally creates these rare pieces collections in bursts, as the inspiration comes. The collages are printed via an archival Print Process and shipped direct from the Bahamas. The dimensions are 24"x24" inches. The collage is printed and ships straight from Shacqueel's studio in the Bahamas.

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An Ode to Black Excellence

This piece is a vibrant ode to Sidney Poitier, another artist, whom Shaqceel admires for his pioneering originality in Hollywood. Sidney Poitier portrayed black characters with dignity, shunning the vaudeville caricatures of previous decades. Here Poiter is collaged winning his first Oscar for Lilies of the  Field in 1964. Shacqueel created this collage in memorium of Mr Poitier who passed on 6 June 2022, after many dignified years on the big screen in Hollywood. Read more about Mr Poitier's historical Oscar nominations and wins here

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Morning Glory by Shacqeel Coleby