These art infused throw pillows are imprinted with original artwork created by esteemed Nigerian artist Millicent Osuomo. The artist transfers some of her most beloved paintings onto the pillows to create functional art pieces you’ll be proud to display in your living room or bedroom...
Our exclusive vintage carrier baskets are as charming as they are useful. Each hand-woven basket could be used in almost any room in the home. Use a larger size for linens in your guest room or put a small basket on the coffee table to hold remotes and drink coasters. Our large, oval basket with matching handle makes a lovely small baby Moses basket. Line it with a soft, colorful blanket and use it as a prop in a set of newborn photos. The stackable version includes baskets with smaller dimensions, ideal as part of an attractive table setting to hold bread, utensils, or other small items. No matter how you decide to use them, our deep chestnut baskets are sure to complement a luxury lifestyle.
Invite into your home the new luxe - luxury steeped in respecting humanity, heritage, and dignity. This multi-tribal set consists of handwoven raffia bowls made by the tropical and Sahel regions and the Dange-Shuns, Onyx napkin rings from the Congo and the Batik Napkins from the Yoruba tribe. The Raffia bowls add eclectic flair to your dining while the batik napkins are a durable alternative for a table settee. The luxury Dinner is Set isn't complete without the Onyx stone napkin rings, which have been thoughfuly designed to hold your Batik table napkins. This set sets the table for four.
Hand crafted by a northern Nigeria mother and daughter duo, our French lace trimmed basket features a pretty bow and plenty of space for all your basketing needs. Fill it with fresh baked bread as part of a creative table setting at your next gathering, or stock your special linens inside. You may even find that this charming art piece makes a fabulous gift basket, if you’re willing to part with it! Spend some time viewing the rest of this exclusive product line featuring other handcrafted creations made by this artistic family, including our Large Artisan Tote with Handbraided Detail and our Handsewn Nested Bins.
With its unique and vibrant colors, this decorative kitchen set is a beautiful kitchenware. This Art Set is created to infuse art into all facets of your daily living. This set combines modern expressivism, rustic appeal with the Mahogany handcarved elephants.
Historically, these fans were used by chiefs and tribe leaders during klansmeetings and public events. More elaborate fans were made for the Kings and members of the royal family, decorated and adorned with various ornaments. These fans offer a more minimalist style to an its mystical historic predecessor. Handwoven in various colours, use them to keep cool on a warm summer outing or lounge by the beach Here we've also used them to accentuate a wall, offering pinterest worthy interior design. We won't tell you got the idea from us
Are you grateful for life's little surprises? For people like us who love attention to detail, the beads on this tan organic raffia basket offers yet another opportunity to appreciate the little things. With its accented handle, this beaded raffia basket is perfect wrapping gift items for a loved one. Fill them with warm baked goods and add a thank you card for a special touch. Or perhaps keep them for yourself and invite warmth into your home by using them as stylish storage in mud rooms and foyers
This exquisite set of handcrafted decor pieces includes several exclusive MonAfrique products. Each piece is a wonderful nod to an elegant bohemian lifestyle. In Africa, fabric serves many purposes, both practical and symbolic. Bright, multicolored fabric pieces are iconic of the whole continent, though each country and regions display unique cultural variations in their fabric arts. Patchwork quilting is not as common throughout the rest of Africa as it is in Nigeria, for example. Today, contemporary Nigerian artisans have introduced a kind of American-influenced style into the art- of-Africa marketplace. We are proud to bring this rich example of African fabric art to you.



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