A modern original portrait, a "Black Queen" expresses a quiet nobility even as she remains partially unclothed. Inspired by paintings of slavery and the early African diaspora in the colonial Americas, this acrylic painting by Afro-Caribbean artist JaeMe Bereal speaks to life's unspoken trials and resilience. Her regal aura also belies a vulnerability. She keeps a straight back, an enforced tallness. Her skin a  kaleidoscope of swirling blues, purples, greens and reds. She is Queen of Queens. Acrylic on canvas, this is one of JaeMe's seminal portraits that she has only recently been ready to part with, ready to find it a special home.
Born of an American mother and a Haitian father, Chenet grew up in a mix of cultures that allowed him to exploit his aesthetic curiosity and explore his Haitian roots, while retaining the technical influence of the American masters. The artist studied art at the Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince and received his BFA at the School of Visual arts, New York. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, is housed in important museum collections, and is featured in numerous books on Haiti’s art.
Riché’s work is very finely executed and richly colored. He currently lives in Christ-Roi in Port-au-Prince with his wife, a hairdresser, and their five children. Riché generally paints several canvases at a time, working on small areas before moving on another, allowing him to complete several works at a time. Riché’s paintings are widely exhibited in major Haitian galleries and were part of an exhibition in France in 1996. Many galleries in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Japan have a permanent exhibit of his works. He is appreciated by art collectors around the world who instantly fall in love with his funny, but seriously big people.’
Nelson Okoh is a self taught African Artist with over 20 years of art experience. His unique style falls under the field of impressionism, which is the same category as Van Gogh's starry night sky. Born in Nigeria in 1974, Nelson Okoh has gained international acclaim for his interpretation of impressionism, with his paintings being one of the most sought after in the last 5 years. What is incredible about Okoh's work is how he grasped the concept of impressionism without formal training. When asked, he gently answers, I am inspired by Nature.
Dr Ogunwo Bolaji dedication to becoming a professionally trained master of art is evident in his relentless pursuit of skill acquisition. He obtained a BSc in painting from the university of Benin in 2000, home of the masters of the infamous Benin Bronzes. He subsequently obtained an MSc and PhD in painting in 2020. Collecting Dr Bolaji's paintings are akin to collecting one of the contemporary master's of Fine Art in Nigeria
Rotimi Akinnire is an internationally recognized nature artist, garnering wide acclaim locally his home country, Nigeria, as well as abroad. He was born in 1971 and currently resides and works in Lagos. Rotimi's emphasis on the earth's natural beauty is a firm nod to sustainability and the need to prevent further climate change.



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