"Restoration" is an original oil painting with gravitas reminding us of a momentous occasion in American Black history. It is beautifully rendered with a soft, reflective quality and an earthy, natural palette. Created on masonite (wood), the painting came about from a series of illustrations on the Black diaspora at the culmination of the Civil War. JaeMe Bereal's depiction of the final days of slavery is poignant, one that takes into account not celebration, but a sense of resignation and the trepidation of what lies ahead.  
Dieudonné cédor is considered one of Haiti’s leading contemporary painters. He has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums around the world. Dieudonné cédor was born in L’Anse à Veau on March 8, 1925. In 1944, he became a cabinetmaker, but seemed more interested in art. He joined the Centre d’Art in December 1947 and became chief of the studio in 1949. He later became a member/founder of the "Foyer des Arts Plastiques." in 1957, he was named director of the Museum of Beaux-Arts of Port-au-Prince.  
Born in Port-au-Prince, Fritzner Alphonse worked as a leather tanner until the age of 36. Alphonse's work has been exhibited throughout the Caribbean, as well as in Mexico, Europe, Japan, and the United States.  In the 1990s, the artist was spotlighted in a Bon Appétit magazine feature article. Fritzner lived from 1938 - 2006. This work is part of his remaining rare collection before passing.



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